As an alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment center for adolescents and adults, Libertas offers Northeast Wisconsin expertise in treatment of substance use disorders. With locations in Green Bay and Marinette, Libertas is a leader in helping individuals and their families overcome substance use disorder.
Substance use disorder is identifiable and treatable. Libertas focuses on the development of new skills, learning the process of recovery and maintaining abstinence, all in a confidential setting.
Recovering from alcohol or drug abuse takes compassion, commitment and hard work. Libertas treatment center embraces these qualities, offering treatment that is founded on sincere concern and loving support for everyone impacted by substance use disorders. Freedom from reliance on alcohol and drugs is liberating, and is the first step toward rediscovering life, happiness and an undeniable spirit. 

What does Libertas mean?

Libertas means freedom. At Libertas, it is our goal to help free adolescents, adults and their families from substance use disorders. We treat substance use disorder with a dedicated team of experts, providing support and compassion to help you down your road toward recovery.

Libertas Philosophy

Libertas is a center of excellence providing holistic substance use recovery programs for individuals and families.

With our holistic approach to treatment, Libertas counselors and nurses assess the whole person. This involves a detailed and complete evaluation that looks at substance use, medical, psychosocial, spiritual, and mental health concerns. 

With this comprehensive evaluation, Libertas can determine if there is a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder – when a person has a mood disorder and a problem with alcohol or drugs. A person who has a dual diagnosis has two separate illnesses, and each illness needs its own treatment plan. By treating both disorders, we treat the whole person in order to address all aspects of recovery in a positive manner, for a successful recovery.

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