Sensory Room

Our sensory room, available to adolescent inpatients and residents, is equipped with features to create an environment designed to help patients relax. With comfortable seating, a massage chair, soothing sounds and lighting options, we’ve created a calming atmosphere with gentle stimuli to help teenagers engage and better connect with their counselor or other patients.
The goal of the sensory room is for patients to leave the room feeling more relaxed than when they came in, to decrease anxiety and fear and to increase communication with other patients and their nurse or counselor.
As part of their treatment and program schedule, the sensory room can be used when their counselor thinks it would benefit patients – whether that be to help to de-escalate a situation; after receiving bad news; or if someone is feeling homesick, angry or just needs to get away for a while. 
The sensory room at Libertas

The sensory room at Libertas
The sensory room at Libertas

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